Our Story

Icon Equestrian was formed in 2022 by Steven. Steven grew up with horses at home as his mother and father were keen equestrians. Steven met Laura in 2014 who spent most of her spare time with her horses and she then introduced her step daughter to riding and Steven then decided “if you can’t beat them join them” in 2021.  

This then led to adding to their string of horses and living in equestrian wear. With a daughter that was constantly growing out of expensive equestrian clothing and a financee’ regularly updating her equestrian walldrobe we then thought it would be good to add into the market reasonably priced, good quality, durable clothing. 

There has been no rush in getting out our first range of equestrian wear out on the market, we have a year with many design changes and sample testing going back and forth to make sure our customers will love it us much as we do. 

Our aim is to make you feel good and look good in and out of the saddle without a healthy price tag. Comfort is key!